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making art work

O U R   M I S S I O N

Making is a language. no different from speech, music and writing. In a complex world where many would say that we have never been more connected, Can it really be that the opposite is true, and why is that?  

The answer may well actually be in our hands.  


A growing number of people are turning to making as a way to find self fulfilment and expression. Too often this is an opportunity taken up later in life seen as something of a luxury, a treat to oneself. What if it was something more fundamental was at work? It certainly can feel like that to those who have delved into making in clay or woodwork in after hours courses. There is a sense of connectedness a sort of grounding euphoria.  


Imagine if there was access to that sort of experience and feeling at a young age - in an old Tesco building in Lowestoft for example or online with regular drop in courses in making that connect people together.  


Messums Creative - Making introductions is an online platform that seeks to provide access to courses and learning in making through didactic methods developed over time with regular in weekly.  Access can be tailored to those with specific requirements and those who are looking for more than one means of expression.


Using Hope by G F Watts as its visual narrative, Messums Creative will provide additional means of communication through making., adding strings back to a bow that is down to its last and with that better music in the world. 


Advancement of
arts and culture

Provide emerging choreographers with an annual choreography platform which offers professional creative development and support to create, present and tour new work. 

We do this through supporting

Messums 4X20 Choreography Platform, which was first launched in 2022.

The platform has been successfully running since and has supported 5 choreographers.

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Advancement of

Offer creative learning environments for communities through workshops and close contact with a variety of professional practitioners at Messums Studios.

Our activities include workshops for ceramics, textiles, crafts, dance and more, all aiming to remove barriers between artists and audiences and encourage the growth of a creative and curious community.

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The advancement of citizenship & community development

Empower communities by fostering creative learning environments and events in rural areas within various genres of art, varying from fine art to dance, from performances to discussions with artists.

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